About Us

We at Transit Pictures, through the power of authentic and engaging storytelling, specialize in the production of short and long form documentary film. We have been fortunate enough that our award winning work has allowed us to travel and film in over 20 countries around the world, and we are proud of our partnerships with non-profits and public charities including Bloomberg Philanthropies, the Sierra Club, ClimateWorks, and Villa Esperanza. We have also been able to collaborate with national and sub-national governments such as the Canadian National Government, the Dutch National Government, the state of Washington, and the Antelope Valley in Los Angeles County.

Our experienced team has worked on a wide range of commercial projects as well, from independent short films to major network television shows including: CMT: Hometown Heroes, Top Gear USA, Animal Storm Squad, and Travel Channel: EXTREME series, to name a few. We have the expertise and equipment to take a project from pre-production to post, and we have the ability to deliver video to fit a variety of platforms.

Our Team