We only have one planet earth…

and if we want it to last for future generations we have to make radical changes in how we interact with our environment and how we produce and consume energy. As part of this, we at Transit Pictures have worked with some of the world’s leading environmental organizations, such as ClimateWorks, the Sierra Club, and more, to produce compelling video content on preservation, conservation, and green energy to show how they can lead us to a better future.




Our team is nimble, adaptable, and leaves behind a small footprint…

while delivering big, impactful results. We’ll work with your team during the post production process to make sure your message gets across and that audiences understand why environmentalism is so important for all of us.

Whether you are looking for a short video for your social media, a video for an upcoming conference, or a feature length informational production, we are a full service video production company that can take your idea from pre-production to post. We have filmed all over the world and in almost any environment you can imagine; from cities to factories to jungles to deserts, we’ve been there, filmed that.


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"They are super professional, creative people. They are excited about the issues we work on and that is clear in the work they do. They are beloved by all who they work with at my organizations and others."

-Marta Stoepker, Sierra Club

"They work with the client to figure out what story will fulfill their needs, then figure out how to tell it, then skillfully and creatively execute that vision. "

-Shaun Kadlec, BYD

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