Sierra Club

There are many ways to illustrate our environmental issues. We allow the people most affected by these problems to tell their own stories.

When Oklahomans needed protection from deadly coal ash, Scott Pruitt ignored them. Don't let him do the same to America. Tell your Senator to say NO to #PollutingPruitt for the EPA.


Wyoming ranchers LJ and Karen Turner have seen their primary source of water depleted by a neighboring coal mine.


Alani is a spirited five-year-old with an infectious smile, but living in the smoggiest air in the country is taking a toll on her health and quality of life. She’s been rushed to the hospital five times already for severe asthma attacks. Even a walk around the park with her parents sparks wheezing. Calling her inhaler “teddy bear” adds a degree of comfort for Alani when an asthma attack hits, but the inhaler itself only gives momentary relief from lung-searing smog. 

Tony Valentino